Saturday, December 24, 2005

Dec. 24, 2005: My brother is coming for Christmas...

Even though I've been aware for awhile that he is coming, it didn't actually sink in until this morning, as I was lying in bed thinking about all the candy-type stocking stuffers we still needed to get today. I realized that my brother needs a stocking, and we need to fill it. Then I just hit a wall, because I can't really imagine what to put in my brother's stocking.

To say I am dreading having him here would be too strong. Even to say I wish he weren't coming would be inaccurate. It's just an adjustment. I'm so used to Christmas with just my own family and my parents. We're so comfortable together. Stephen will add a different dimension to it all. Funny, considering we spend our first 20-22 Christmasses together. I like to think about how James, John, and Peter used to make Stephen and I stay out of the living room until after breakfast so that we wouldn't see our stockings. I like to think about how intertwined our lives were as children. But....all that is a 10-page story in my thesis. Today I don't have time for waxing philosophic about my strange relationship with my brother. There are pies to make, presents to wrap, children to cherish...and one more day to enjoy my 4-year-old before my best Christmas present ever turns 5 tomorrow....

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