Saturday, December 31, 2005

December 31, 2005: Our potential minister homeschools!

I'm so excited about this. So we have a ministerial candidate coming on Tuesday and Wednesday. We got a preview copy of the interview packet since we are out of town and won't be at church tomorrow when the rest of the congregation gets it. I am reading his CV and personal information, and there it is! He talks about his wife and I love what he has to say about her, and then he says that she has been homeschooling for years and enjoys teaching their children creatively!

I just can't explain how my heart jumped when I read that!

I was thinking about how, instantly, there is a connection. How you can meet someone and find out she homeschools, and you instantly have this HUGE thing in common. Not like you were both born in New York, or you both had babies on August 29, but that you have chosen homeschooling as your family's path. Even if you end up being complete different people, there is always this powerful connection. It's the knowing, for one. The knowing that homeschooling means so much more than "I didn't like the public school system." It's the little smile that homeschoolers get when they have to bite their cheeks in not to laugh (or grimace) when someone says, "Oh I could NEVER homeschool! My kids would drive me crazy!" or "We have wonderful schools around here!" It's the knowing that homeschooling is a lifestyle choice.

Incidentally, I loved everything about this man's answers to his interview questions. His vision for the kingdom globally, locally, and congregationally is fantastic. Oh, and totally scriptural.

We get to meet him, his wife, and their 14-year-old daughter (the other 5 kids are gown) on Tuesday. I am excited to see what God has in store for our congregation! We have struggled mightily (see my last entry) in the five years we've been there, and I'm praying that the promise of "beauty from ashes" will begin to come to fruition.

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