Sunday, February 26, 2006

February 26, 2006: Moms' Getaway Weekend

Boy, I am just having a string of amazing weekends. I haven't even blogged yet about my birthday weekend last week! But this past Friday night was our group's annual Moms' Cabin Retreat. What a great time! I feel so amazingly blessed to be homeschooling and thus to be part of this wonderful support group. What a diverse group of women we had there, from the founding mother of our support group (a grandmother in her 50s), to a brand new homeschooler, and everyone in between. Moms from all socioeconomic backgrounds, with various levels of formal education, all kinds of tame to wild backgrounds....I love it. Most of us went out shopping in the afternoon, and then our wonderful Pat cooked an amazing meal for us. In the evening we just talked for hours and hours. And in the morning we talked for a few more hours before heading back to our families.

And I was so looking forward to seeing my sweet family again. I love being with friends but I sure do miss Randy and the kids when I am gone! When I came home, Duncan was at a birthday party and Jesse was doing a Boy Scout service project, but Laurel, Randy, my nephews, my parents, and my brother and his wife, and the puppy were all there to greet me. Randy and I had tickets to see Peter Pan in Knoxville that evening. We struggled to stay awake through the show. Peter Pan's not my favorite, and this was not really worthy of the title "Broadway," even if Cathy Rigby was Peter Pan. (Randy and I couldn't get the image of her doing Kotex commercials our of our heads!) But it's always lovely to spend three hours alone with my honey.

I am so refreshed and ready for a new week!

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