Thursday, September 14, 2006

September 13, 2006: Bit by Bit

I like this method of adding back activities bit by bit. By next week, we should be in full swing with the addition of Monday Fun (our enrichment classes) and piano lessons. Tomorrow we start back with our first American Heritage Girls meeting of the year. I've had so much more time and energy to devote to AHG already this year, since I've eliminated so many other positions of leadership (BHEA council, BHEA enrichment team, Sunday School co-teacher, Small Group co-leader)! Aah! What a sense of freedom I have in just looking at that list of resigned positions!

I am excited about our first meeting tomorrow. We have 78 girls registered for this year's troop! (I think all but 3 are homeschooled.) We have terrific leaders for each group and loads of new homeschooling families who are excited about AHG. We have added the Pathfinder program this year for the first time and have 11 kindergarteners ready to take their first step in AHG. (Duncan is going to be sad to have all his girlfriends in their meeting rather than on the playground with him!) The Tenderfoot girls (1st-3rd graders) are going to begin working on their Puppetry badge by making finger puppets of their families to introduce to each other. The Explorers (4th-6th graders) are going to be making prayer journals and decorating tote bags as part of their Daughter of the King badge. The Pioneers and Patriots (7th -12th graders) chose to do the Cinematography badge this year, so they are going to be introducing one another via videotape!

This year the Cub Scouts are going to be meeting during the same time as we are, so hopefully this will make it easier for families who have kids in both groups. Duncan, again, will be traumatized when he sees that friends Gideon, Wheaton, Caleb and Corbin are there Tiger Cubs rather than on the playground with him! (I'm still glad I didn't start him in kindergarten last year, even though he would be with his buddies this year...) Fortunately, he still has Noah and Brandon to play with, and no doubt some new friends will emerge on the playground!

My recess is over, and it's about time to head out to orchestra. Bit by bit, I'm refining our schedule so that I'm on time to activities AND have supper ready when we get home. Yesterday I even had 10 whole minutes to relax between science class and violin lessons!

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