Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Exciting News for American Heritage Girls!

American Heritage Girls is launching a new program that I know will make lots of families happy. I've had lots of comments and emails from moms who wish their girls could be part of American Heritage Girls but don't have a nearby troop. There is a solution now: the AHG Trailblazer program.

Missionary and military families living abroad, families who live more than an hour's drive from a troop, or families with a disability or condition that limits them from attending a regular meeting can now take part in American Heritage Girls as a Trailblazer. This is much like the Boy Scouts' Lone Scout program. (If you don't know about that and have a son who is interested in Boy Scouts but you don't have a troop nearby, check out more information here.)

While AHG does have troops currently in 35 states and is growing every year, many parts of the country are still without a troop or have only one or two troops per state. I'm excited that so many other families will now get to experience American Heritage Girls!

And I'm telling you, the handbook alone is a great addition to any homeschooling curriculum!

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