Thursday, August 14, 2008

2007-8: A Homeschool Year

Moving my blog from over to blogspot took up an enormous amount of blogging time this summer, and I'm just now getting around to doing catch-up blogging. Having a record of each school year is something I've found quite useful, especially when people ask me "what did you use for language arts"—or to remind myself of what I used!

Jesse, Grade 9/10
History (1 credit) and Bible (1/2 elective credit): Sonlight Core 100 (American History in Depth)
Science (1 credit): Apologia Biology (He took this with a bunch of other kids in our support group from an awesome homeschooling dad who is also a public school science teacher. They meet Tuesdays and then do the rest of the work at home.)
Algebra 2 (1 credit): Saxon Algebra 2 (This was also an outside class taught by a homeschooling dad. They met Fridays and did their weekly assignments at home.)
English 1 (1 credit): Survey of American Literature (Taught by me at our group’s weekly enrichment classes on Mondays. We met for 2 hours each week and read and discussed 9 novels; had units on poetry, short story, nonfiction, and drama; and rounded it out with writing, grammar, and vocabulary. This was a fantastic class and I look forward to teaching British Lit next year.
Economics (1 credit): Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace for Teens course at our co-op; Personal Management badge for Boy Scouts; Whatever Happened to Penny Candy; Crunchy Cons.
ACT Prep: He did ACT prep (1/2 credit) by doing Wordly Wise 10 and he did a course online to get another 1/2 elective credit. He took the ACT in April and did fantastic.
Community Service: 54 hours
Other: Boy Scouts (has reached Life level), downhill skiing, and guitar lessons. Was also a Den Chief for Cub Scouts as part of his Boy Scouts service.

Laurel (5th grade)
History and Bible: View our year of American History.
Also, American Girl Kit class and Tennessee history class (both taught at our Monday enrichment program)
Geography: Trail Guide to U.S. Geography and Which Way USA (Highlights).
Science: Monthly classes through the East Tennessee Discovery Center and Hands-On Science class at our co-op. Also Ocean Life unit study at home.
Math: Saxon 5/4.
Language Arts: Easy Grammar 5/6, Spelling Power, Wordly Wise 5, A Reason for Writing, journaling.
Art: Enrichment class on Thursdays.
Music: Flute lessons
Other: American Sign Language, Hands-On Shakespeare, and sewing at our enrichment class program; swim team (twice weekly fall semester only), Show Choir, and horseback riding (through February); and of course American Heritage Girls.

Duncan (1st grade)
History and Bible: Same as Laurel
Geography: Great States enrichment class
Science: Hands-on science, Animal Habitats, Grossology, and Wilderness Wildlife classes at our co-op. Monthly classes at the East TN Discovery Center. Ocean Life unit study at home.
Math: Saxon 2
Language Arts: Explode the Code, early readers, and First Language Lessons; handwriting, journaling.
Other: Book Cooks at Monday Fun; soccer; and Cub Scouts.

Other Years in Review (and I have no idea what happened to Laurel and Jesse in 1006-7!!)
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And now that I have my last year recorded, I guess I'd better get started on this coming year!

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