Friday, August 22, 2008

Heart of the Matter Meme: What We're Using This Year

This week's discusion at Heart of the Matter: Last week we talked about the favorites in the curriculum and books. Now tell us what you are actually using in your homeschool lessons right now!

Duncan, Grade 2
Year 2, First Language Lessons
A Reason for Writing (handwriting)
Spectrum Writing, Grade 2
Explode the Code Books 4-6
Lots of early readers
Math: Saxon 2
Sonlight 4, American History, mixed in with lots of other resources (see our first year of American History here)
Bible: Family Devotions and Hero Tales
Science: nature studies, Human Body and Weather Disasters at enrichment classes.
Geography: 50 States class at enrichment classes.
Cub Scouts

Laurel, Grade 6
A Reason for Writing (handwriting)
Spectrum Writing, Grade 6 and Basic Essay Writing at enrichment classes
Wordly Wise
Easy Grammar
Spelling Power
Saxon math
Sonlight 4, American History, mixed in with lots of other resources (see our first year of American History here)
Bible: Family Devotions and Hero Tales
Science: Botany at enrichment classes
Performing Arts class
Cooking class
American Heritage Girls

Jesse, Grade 10/11*
Jacob's Geometry (co-op class)
Apologia Chemistry (co-op class)
Music Appreciation (dual credit at local community college)
Sonlight 400: Civics and Government (also Bible)
Writing (using community college's comp class book)
US Geography (various resources)
Health (using various resources)
Boy Scouts (working on Eagle Scout rank)
* He'll finish his sophomore year in December and his junior year in May so that he can graduate a year early

That's it off the top of my head, although I'm probably forgetting some important stuff!


  1. Your year looks great! I'm using some of the same stuff as you! I hope you will have a successful year! Isn't homeschooling fun?
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I am impressed! I will have to post what I am using. I did not indulge in Sonlight this year and now I am regretting it. It's not too late, though... There are so many great curriculums that I just want to try them all! lol! Lori

  3. Your list looks great! Saxon has been a great common factor around blog land. ;)

  4. Jesse's Apologia should be great. Jay is a strong, strong creationist and it should come through his chemistry, though we have our disagreements as to the Achille's Heel of the creation science people. I'm not sure that Jay Wile always does his research. I firmly believe that the creation scientists (many of them) viewpoint of the 2nd law of thermodynamics is highly colored by their misinterpretation of Revelation and their truncation of the gospel message. A great book on the subject is, "Is the World Running Down", by Dr. Gary North which in actuality is a very strong Anti-Jeremy Rifkin book but certainly touches on the above Achille's Heel.

    BTW, I'm NOT saying that creation science as a whole is WRONG just that in the place where they agree with radical environmentalist/marxists they are wrong and shortsighted with regards for all that Christ accomplished on the cross.

  5. I agree with your comment on my blog - the term block scheduling does remind me of public schools around here, but I can't think of another term! I do think as they advance, especially if we stick with Oak Meadow, I'd have to veer away from scheduling main subjects in blocks, but it may work out for this year. Worth a try anyway!

    Thanks to for sharing on your blog what YOU are using - I always get gtreat ideas from what other homeschoolers use!

  6. Okay, I just read through your American History link, and am so stealing - BORROWING, I mean - some of the ideas and sources! Thanks so much - this is exactly what I hope to accomplish next year (when my kids are in 3rd & 1st).

  7. Your welcome! I hope you post pictures!

    No need to apologize about Thursday night. I probably looked like a deer caught in headlights. We were in town for 7 hours that day. Talk about long....


  8. Hey you're doing sonlight 4 to this year :) It is great! Your enrichment classes in the HM post sound really great to. A couple of years ago they tried a co-op about an hour away from us but it didn't pan out so well :( Oh well, they may try again :)


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