Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Homeschool Memoirs: Unit Studies

This week's theme at Homeschool Memoirs is unit studies. I love unit studies. The first couple of years of homeschooling, we fell into a nice pattern of doing Sonlight for 6 weeks and then doing a 1-4 week unit study. I loved this system. But as my oldest got older, unit studies became more of a once-a-year affair. Now I often rely on our co-op classes to provide a 10-week unit study!

One of my favorite things about unit studies is preparing them. I love to research dozens of websites and books, glean the best information, and compile it all into my own study. I'm weird like that. Here are some of the unit studies we've done over the years.
We're just finishing up a unit on slavery; perhaps I'll be inspired to post that one soon!

For more unit study ideas, visit the memoirs at the link above!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog - and for leaving me the link to your US stuff! I am trying realy hard to get this together so we can have fun with it!


  2. and I am so glad you love to post your unit studies...especially the American History one... :)

  3. THanks so much for sharing these unit studies! I can't wait to check them out!:) Lori

  4. Thanks for the unit studies...we are just embarking on the 1800's in our co-op this I will be diligently checking out the Lewis and Clark info... your site is one I have starred, and look forward to reading more about your adventures.

  5. I loved unit studiies with my kids.I liked makking them myself, too. I could never fine one to buy that had all the 'scholastic subjectgs- esp math and good science and history activities.

  6. thanks fro sharing...looks like some great ones!

  7. This looks really great. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Have a blessed weekend!


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