Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stars and Stripes

Our American Heritage Girls troop began 5.5 years ago. Today, we had our first Stars and Stripes recipient. (Stars and Stripes is the AHG equivalent of the Boy Scouts' prestigious Eagle Scout rank.) It was an amazing day. I am exhausted, and very, very proud of Jennifer. That's really all I can say tonight. After a day like this, words seem extraneous.


  1. Wow-that is quite the accomplishment! I've heard such good things about American Heritage Girls.
    Did you start this group? I don't know of any around here. Holly

  2. Congratulations! We struggled for three years to keep an AHG troop running here, so I know what an amazing accomplishment a Stars and Stripes Award represents!

    Awesome :)

  3. that is really cool. I remember going to a ceremony for Girl Guides, here at home, only I had just joined, so the girl behind me quickly gave me her all-round chord to wear and I felt amazing.
    then I quit.
    It was a good day, though.

  4. Wow! Congratulations! We are about to embark on our SnS journey. I am a PiPa leader in GA and one of my girls is starting the process and my dd is about to earn her Dolly Madison so she too can start the process.

    Well done Jennifer! :-) What was your project?


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