Thursday, October 22, 2009

We Are That Family

There's a party going on at We Are That Family, and I'm playing along, because I can. I have stories about being "that" family. I did a brief survey of posts. I was really looking for one about Duncan and the toilet, but instead I found:

How To Stop a Nose Picker
Is This Normal?
In the Bathroom

They all made me laugh, but I like the Nose Picker one the best.

Do you have any stories, new or old, that make you "THAT" family? Hop over to We Are That Family and link up. You might win something.


  1. good nose picker post...since I am still dealing with that here...

  2. Going to have to read the nose picker one!

  3. Oh I loved the nose picker post and the bathroom one made me remember to treasure the naked barbies in my sink! Ha! I am constantly asking my daughter if she runs around naked? She always says, "No mama. Oh no worries! I'll go get 'em dressed". As often as she re-dresses her dollies I often wonder if Barbie has a mind of her own? You have a lovely blog!! Have a beautiful day!


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