Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Top 10 Homeschooling Questions People Ask Me (and my posts that answer them)

#1. Why do you homeschool your kids?

Why We Homeschool: The Practical Version
Why We Homeschool: The Intangible Version
How We Got Started
Reason Enough to Homeschool (on Simple Homeschool)

#2. Do you think your kids are missing out by being homeschooled? and #3. Don't you ever want to send your kids to public school?

Burying the Big Yellow Bus on Simple Homeschool

#4. What should I do for kindergarten?

Homeschooling Basics: What To Do for Kindergarten

#5. How can you homeschool through high school?

Homeschool Through High School: You Really Can! (on Simple Homeschool)

#6. Do you test your kids?

To Test or Not To Test (on The Homeschool Classroom)

#7. What does your day look like?

Here's my most recent Day in the Life post (at Simple Homeschool)

#8. What should I use to teach grammar?

10 Favorite Grammar Resources (on The Homeschool Classroom) 

#9. What should I use for writing?

A "What Should I Use for Writing" post
Teaching Creative Writing
SmallWorld's Wordsmithery (my free creative writing program)

#10. And the one we ask ourselves: Am I doing a good job?

Doing a Good Job: No One Asked Me

What questions are you asked the most? You can link up at Angie's Top Ten Tuesday!

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  1. I love the way you linked to so many past posts -- there's a lot of information here, Sarah.

    I'm sharing this!

  2. I love this collections of answers! :-)

  3. Great collection! I especially loved your reasons for homeschooling. Very similar to ours.


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