Tuesday, February 14, 2006

February 14, 2006: Countdown to 40

Twenty years ago Randy and I spent our first Valentine's Day together...and I was 3 days away from turning 20. I love that in 3 days I can look at Randy and say, "I've loved you half my life." We've been listening to Nanci Griffith for about 16 years, and one of her songs has that line in it. It's actually a very sad song ("You've Made This Love a Teardrop"), but for the past 16 years we've been saying, "Won't it be cool when we can say, 'I've loved you half my life' to each other?"

'Course arguably I wasn't yet IN love with Randy after only dating for 3 weeks, but certainly anyone who knows Randy as well as I did at that point could say that they LOVE him. He's just that kind of guy that you can't help loving.

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