Sunday, July 2, 2006

July 2, 2006: Celebrating the 4th

Fireworks Part 1: We load into the van at 9:45 p.m., drive across the street to the subdivision, set our chairs up on the side of the road, and watch the fireworks from the park a mile down the road. We're back home by 10:15. The kids are happy--they've seen fireworks and know that more are yet to come. Fireworks Part 2 come on the actual 4th of July, when we drive out to Uncle John's in the tiny town of New Market, Tennessee. As if ducking to avoid being hit by one of Uncle John's badly aimed bottle rockets wasn't exciting enough for us, the neighbors have a spectacular display of fireworks each year. Seriously, these fireworks are amazing!

Tonight there was a community church choir service at the amphitheater. The Greenbelt was comfortably packed. Plenty of room to stretch out and watch the kids play tag. Just the right kind of event for my parents, who are here for a week. During one part of the service, the orchestra played the songs from the various branches of the military and asked the veterans to stand. As always, I am honored to be next to my father, a veteran of WWII and Korea. "There aren't many old guys out here," he remarks. What goes through his head when he stands? Does he have flashes of war scenes, or is he thinking about the book he's just put down?

The kids are in bed, and Randy and Jesse are away at Boy Scout camp. My latest book beckons me. More celebrating to do later this week.

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