Friday, March 30, 2007

A Dose of Duncan

March 30, 2007

Duncan cracks me up. My mother says "He's a thinker." I'm not sure what goes on in his head, but he is funny. Sometimes I think, "It's a good thing he's not in public school! The guidance counselors would be calling us in for sure!"

On the way to Jesse's orthodontist appointment: "What would happen if I lost all my teeth except my front two teeth? Then I'd look like an evil bunny with red eyes."

Upon seeing a ballet today, which included a prince in white tights: "You know, Mommy, that prince would be a lot more handsomer if he was wearing pants." Yup, buddy. Young men should just not be wearing tights and little short jackets.

I keep these quotes and many others from all the kids in a family book of quotes. I treasure that book possibly more than all the others. I love to read Jesse's table grace at age 3: "Dear God, Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum" or Laurel's "Someone's naked, Lord, Kum-Ba-Yah!" My mom suggested I write down the kids' funny sayings when Jesse was very little, and am I ever glad I did. I'd never want to forget Duncan's view of men in tights.

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