Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Someone Has Kidnapped the Professor

September 4, 2007

Is this some kind of midlife crisis? First, there was all that unclogging and wiring.

On Labor Day, he labored. With tools.

On the day after Labor Day, he labored even more. With more tools.

Phase 1 of The Treehouse is now completed, and the structure completely sturdy. Come on over and jump on the platform and drop parachutes off the side! And who knew how enticing math can be if a child can take her books up into the treehouse?

Jesse now has an actual DOOR to his bedroom. For these past seven years, he has endured having only a blanket draped in the doorway. For seven years, we've been saying, "We need to get Jesse a door." And today, this man who spends his days sequencing DNA and other mysterious stuff, put up a completely functional door.

Blogless Leigh says I shouldn't post about Dr. H's great accomplishments. She says it will make other wives jealous and will cause husbands to feel inferior. Ha. Eat your hearts out! I've got me a hammering, sawing, sweaty professor. And a treehouse. (But no, Neal, not a shelf.)

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