Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Rambling

* We seem to be coming into a new season here in SmallWorld: Friday nights out. Not us; we're at home with our youngest. But more and more lately, our high-schooler and our middle-schooler are away on Friday nights. He's off to concerts and movies, and she's having more and more sleepovers to go to. It's an odd feeling to be home with just one, but I'm glad for our youngest. He's finally getting a bit of one-on-one attention. Of course like any third or subsequent child, he's asking about his siblings, wondering if he should save some ice cream for them, etc. He just can't quite revel in being the only.

If I think about it too much, I could get awfully melancholy about this season seemingly coming so soon. I could think about how quiet the house is with just one and ponder what it will be like to have a big house and no little people running about. But I think I'll just enjoy the sounds of Dr. H. reading to Duncan, and send a few prayers of protection around my others.

* Big news around here today: Jesse got the official word that his Eagle Scout project has been approved, and he can begin work on it! He and his fellow scouts will be tearing down an old fence at a local state historic site, the Sam Houston Schoolhouse, and replacing it with a new fence. Ten years of Scouting is close to coming to an end for our oldest, and if everything goes well, he'll be the first Eagle Scout in our family since my Dad achieved the rank over 65 years ago. I'm looking forward to my father being part of the ceremony next fall.

* Laurel and I have breezed through 22 math lessons in 4 days while Duncan has been at Montessori day camp. I'm thinking maybe I should send each of the kids to their grandparent's for 2 weeks at a time, and I could get 3-months' worth of school done with each of them in 14 days!

* Our last regular American Heritage Girls meeting of the year was yesterday. April comes in with such a flurry of activity as we finish our final badges, get service hours turned in, do our Boards of Review, place our gigantic badge and pin order to the national office, and then…it's all over so quietly. We still have our awards ceremony coming up, a Memorial Day service, our 3-day summer camp, and a Flag Day parade, but we can take a few deep breaths now anyway.

* And now I'm off to enjoy this quiet evening, watching the white petals of the dogwoods glow softly and smelling honeysuckle drift in the open windows. Life is good.


  1. You should ramble more often. Nice post!

  2. Our oldest two are wanting to do a little more outside the home as well. I have a little more time with them, though, since they're 13 and 11. I can get melancholy as well thinking about how they are growing up so fast, but I know it's a reality. That's why we have to cherish all the time we have with them.

    Our girls never went to "American Heritage Girls" because we were leading AWANA at the time. Now that we're in England for a couple of years we obviously can't participate in either of those clubs. Maybe when we get back we can join our local group. Are you leading that particular ministry?

    Have a blessed weekend.

  3. I love ramble posts. ;-) Congrats to your son on making Eagle Scout. My hubby was an Eagle Scout. His project involved a fence as well. We have a family cemetery behind our house with some founding members of our little town. His project was to replace it.

  4. Wonderful happenings going on! Congratulations to your scout on all his very hard work.

  5. Great idea about sending the kids to the grandparents! I'm always wracking my brain trying to figure out how to get more uninterrupted school time.


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