Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Top 25 Read-Alouds (ages 5-12)

We started reading to our firstborn the day we brought him home. Over the years we have read hundreds of books to our three children, from board books to great classics. Reading aloud comes in two forms in our family: as part of school (we have used Sonlight’s literature-based program for the  majority of our years) and before bed.
Beginning at about age 5 with each of our kids, we moved from a diet of picture books and short easy readers to serious chapter books. Don’t worry about your child not “getting” a book that is “meant” for older kids. They will. …

Below is a list of our Top 25 favorite family read-alouds. They are in no particular order, except that I listed a few series at the end. Why did these books make the list when dozens of others didn’t quite qualify? These are the books the kids remember with almost a tender fondness and sometimes almost awe. These were books we lived in, the ones that do, indeed, seem like part of our family.

{Come on over to Simple Homeschool to read more about our Top 25 Read-Alouds!)


  1. I couldn't figure out any other way to contact you. I was perusing your past years and when I came to the end of American History Year 2, I was searching for your plans for the third year. I never found those, but somehow stumbled upon the fact that you took an entire year OFF from Sonlight and History and did an entire year of Narnia. Did you ever write up any plans for that? Would you be willing to? What did you do, exactly? And, by the way, did you continue onto the Non-Western Civilizations year of Sonlight after you finished with Narnia? I'd love to hear about all of this. My girls are 7 and 9 ~ I'm intrigued. :)


    1. Melissa: I know it is terrible, but somehow I never got around to posting year 3 on my blog! I did have it all in a notebook. If I could find that notebook, I would publish year three! I also don't think I wrote up our year in Narnia, but I also have that. I would love to write that up and always intended to. I am not sure what happened! Probably the end of the year hit and I just moved on. It was a wonderful year and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

      Yes, we are now doing Core F, which used to be Core 5. We absolutely love it. Next year, however, we are taking yet another break and doing a whole year of WW2. This will be just with my 6th grader; my high schooler is doing mostly co-op classes. I will try to get together a Narnia post and an part 3 American History post. They were both fabulous years!


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