Saturday, May 9, 2015


These past couple of weeks have been filled with lasts, and more lasts are coming along as we head into the graduation countdown…

Their last prom… (And that night also marked their one year together.)

My last day of classes, and for over half of these students, their last day of co-op, ever.

Their last days of high school…

Photo credit: Donna Williams Photography

The last grandchild… well, we think.

My 4th older brother and his wife had their second son, Max, last week. In my family there have been 8 new babies (6 great-grandchildren and 2 grandchildren) born in the past 7 years, and seven of them have been boys. Seven! I love my two boys and all these other boys, but I sure am glad that God blessed me with a girl.

Here she is at all four of her proms.:

Photo credit: Tamyra Parks

Sometimes I still can't believe I have this lovely daughter. My heart is very, very full.

Next up: we're headed to New York City for a senior trip— and then she graduates. In  the meantime, there is a last stack of papers to grade, a last class party,  a last movie night, and who knows what else will crop up. The season for lasts is ending, and we'll start a bunch of firsts again soon.

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