Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tennessee State Parks Adventure Challenge 2018

My blog has been quiet for longer than ever before. It's been a busy semester. So very, very busy. But Randy and I have been having some fun with the Tennessee State Parks Adventure Challenge. We like challenges with specific goals, like this one. We visit TN state parks and have a checklist of various activities to do, earning points toward our challenge total.

This past weekend we hit four parks in less than 24 hours: two state natural areas and two state parks (above and below). Randy specifically wanted to see the cedar wildflowers (below), and they were spectacular!

We had a goal of hitting 12 out of the 56 parks/natural areas this year, but with 8 visited already, I suspect we will far surpass our goal!

We are having so much fun as we head into this next season of our life, preparing mentally for all the changes to come. More on that later. Just this for now, a glimpse of what it looks like to be almost empty nesters.

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