Friday, April 14, 2006

April 14, 2006: How to Stop a Nose Picker

So Duncan wanders in to the living room picking his nose yesterday. I say for the 122nd time, "Duncan, stop picking your nose. Go get a tissue. Picking your nose is bad manners." Duncan leaves and is quiet for a moment. I say (thinking that he is in his room secretly picking his nose), "Are you getting a tissue?"
"Nope," he replies. A second later he walks in with a golf glove on his hand. "Look, Mama! I can't pick my nose if I'm wearing this glove!"
He's right! He tried it! You really can't pick your nose if you're wearing gloves! So if you see us out and about and Duncan's wearing gloves, don't ask. Just smile and know it's safe to shake his hand.

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