Saturday, April 15, 2006

April 15, 2006: OK, so I'm in paradise...

I came home from Small Group tonight, and there was a vase exploding with luscious lilacs in the middle of my table. Earlier today, I blogged about missing lilacs, and my friend Leigh and her husband Red-Pen Rick (not to be confused with "Red-Neck Rick" or certainly not with "Pig-Pen Rick") actually risked their lives to find me some lilacs. See, they noticed an abandoned house with huge lilac bushes not far from them, and they drove over to pick this giant bouquet for me. (I say they risked their lives because **STEREOTYPE ALERT***in Tennessee, you never know when someone with a shotgun might be standing on the front porch.)

Seriously, though, this is about the sweetest thing in the whole world! To come home and smell my childhood and know that I have this lovely life....could I be more blessed?

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