Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why I Procrastinate

October 21, 2007

Because somehow, procrastination simply works better. Take this weekend, for example. I decided not to procrastinate. So yesterday I got my lessons plans for Monday's American Lit class 75% ready. Let me explain that I think about lesson plans all week, so I am actually planning in my head throughout the week. I just don't put anything down on paper (or in a Word doc, rather) until Sunday afternoon. But Randy and Jesse were away at Boy Scout camporee, and we had Duncan's Upwards Soccer awards ceremony this afternoon (Sunday) during the time in which I usually write my lessons, so I thought I'd be extra productive and work ahead.

Yeah. So working ahead doesn't really work well for me. Because wouldn't you know that I planned for next week's class. You know, the one in 8 days, not the one tomorrow. Does that make me an overachieving nonprocrastinating procrastinator? So I spent my afternoon frantically working on the lesson plans for the real tomorrow, not next week's tomorrow.

Yes, I know I should be happy that next week's is 75% done. But what I'm really happy about is that I feel strangely justified in my procrastination. Being early really throws me out of balance.

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