Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Miscellany, including Project 52 Week 2

January 15, 2008

* The Carnival of Homeschooling is up at Consent of the Governed.

* I need to register my distress. Eight years ago, Randy's brother gave Jesse this gigantic stuffed bear for Christmas. It's that kind of giant stuffed animal that we all gazed at dreamily as children, knowing that our parents could never afford such a thing, like the one below:

Yes, well, a couple of years ago, the bear began leaking great chunks of fluff (right about the time we got a dog, hmmmm), and, truthfully, the bear was so big that it drove me crazy, being thrown here and there and wrestled with and, just BIG. So, he's been in secret hibernation in an upstairs storage closet for the past year or more. Forgotten, until last evening when I came home from an errand and found the bear in the middle of the living room with its entrails once again spilled on on the carpet. Everywhere. Apparently Duncan and his cousin suddenly remembered the bear and just had to find him. But how can I send him back into hibernation when the last words out of Duncan's mouth last night were, "Please, Mama, don't put that bear back upstairs!"? Thank goodness my mother has offered to stitch it up...

Yep, so that's what's happening around here. It's always a carnival of sorts.

This just in! Dr. H. has figured out the youtube thing, so here is the Cincinnati Fire Kite in action:

Who knows what other magical moments I'll be sharing now?

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