Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Memory: Roan Mountain

We spent this past weekend with some of our oldest and dearest friends at Roan Mountain, in upper East Tennessee. Roan Mountain holds many memories for us. We've hiked and camped there numerous times, spent our honeymoon there, and enjoyed several weekends with friends in the cabins at the state park. But this memory is from a hike about 13 years ago.

At the time, Randy, Jesse and I lived in Ames, Iowa. Once or twice a year, we drove the 17 hours down to Tennessee to spend a week with friends and family in Johnson City, where we'd gone to college. Usually these trips involved an excursion to Roan Mountain.

This was actually in December, so we were happy to have our Iowa parkas to wear. Jesse was just three and a half, and I didn't know it quite yet, but I was a few weeks pregnant with Laurel in this photo. That's our friend Suzie in the photo with us on top.

So much has changed since then in nearly every aspect of our lives. We were happy then, but now our cup truly does overflow. We have been abundantly blessed with children, friendships, health, family, a dream job, and a beautiful place to live. And so much more.

Same rock, 13 years later. Who knew how good life could be?

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  1. Really enjoyed this post. It's so neat to see how God fills up our lives with His love.


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