Thursday, April 1, 2010

In the Yard

So much to do, so much to do! I began spring yard work in earnest yesterday: cleaning out flowerbeds, pulling a few weeds, taking load after load of leaves to the curb, pruning. The most tedious task is pulling oak leaves out of the azalea bushes. I know it'll pay off in the next couple of weeks as the azaleas flower, but wow! I need to pay some kids to do that job!

My biggest problem is that I get terribly distracted. I set out to do one area and end up in a totally different area. We have a big yard with lots of flower garden areas, and I have ideas for all of them and then some. This summer I'm focusing on revamping that area in the lefthand corner with the red bench. Last year Jesse demolished an old stump that was there (the previous owners planted the daffodils to surround the stump), and I cleared out the bramble and poison ivy My plan is to make this the hibiscus and rose garden; so far I have a few roses and one lonely hibiscus. (Hint, hint, Dr. H: remember those hibiscus plants you were going to start for me in the greenhouse?)

I have a goal of getting all the beds cleared out in the next couple of days so that I can begin planting annuals. I love my yard in the spring and love the exercise that comes with gardening! Now if only I could hire a cook and a house cleaner for the next few weeks…


  1. Oh WOW.....I'd like to head over to your lovely garden with a cup of sweet tea and a good book.

    Would you mind? I wouldn't have to rake while I was there, right? :)

    I don't think I'd get any indoor work done EVER with a garden that lovely. Can't wait to see it in full bloom.

  2. Your garden is absolutely lovely!! Oh, and that is SO cool what you told me about Edgar Guest. :) I now have my own little poetry book of his. Holly

  3. wow - your yard looks fantastic - I would love to sit there and dream :)

  4. what a BEAUTIFUL garden!! I miss Tennessee...


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