Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of School

We started back last week. We did our annual measuring on the same old chart we've been using for 13 years. And indeed, they have grown, of course. Duncan has grown taller; Laurel didn't gain any height, but she continues to grow lovelier in every way.

We start slowly, reluctant to let go of summer. Or I should say, Duncan and I start back slowly. Laurel, in 10th grade now, started back full swing last week with co-op classes: ecology, American Lit, American history, ACT Prep, geometry, drama, government. She is swamped with homework already.

Duncan and I are still in the process of organizing the school room. We've been hanging posters and timelines and photos. We started reading one of our history books, and I think we're ready to begin in earnest today.

Tomorrow we'll be on break again, because my beautiful girl turns 15. Birthdays are always a holiday around here.

The sun is shining brightly today, and summer is back to burning strong. We had a little taste of autumn last week, and we could almost imagine what winter school will be like, curled under fleece blankets, reading and eating popcorn.

Fourteen years ago, we moved to Tennessee and Randy started his job as a professor at the university. 13 years ago we said goodbye to Tennessee public schools and started homeschooling. And now, Jesse has begun his third year at Belmont University; Laurel is a sophomore in high school; and Duncan is in the middle of sixth grade. Those are the numbers. The story is between the lines and sprinkled in the letters, a mixture of memories and happenings and the quick gasp of breath at the passage of time.

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  1. I didn't realize we have two that have the same birthday. Happy Birthday to Laurel tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know "we are not alone"! I wish the same for you guys tomorrow!


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