Thursday, December 13, 2012

From the Archives: Christmas Books, Advent Traditions, and Favorite Cookies

I am finally getting into Christmas this week, even though we've already been to half a dozen holiday events already. Yesterday, we started our advent readings. Yes, I know yesterday was Day 12. Today I am going to get out our Christmas books and make the first batch of cookies.

These are good posts, full of books and traditions and food. Check them out if you have a few minutes! And if you don't have a few minutes, just go to #3 and make jam diagonals. Your family will love you even more than they do now.

1. Christmas Books That Make Me Cry

2. Advent Traditions

3.  Favorite Christmas Cookies

Next up: Christmas shopping. Why do I feel so late, even though Christmas is still 2 weeks away? Is everyone but me finished already?

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