Friday, August 17, 2018

Senior Year {All Around}

Monday will begin senior year for my younger two: senior year of high school for Duncan and senior year of college for Laurel.

Tomorrow, we'll take Laurel back to Nashville for college. Before she leaves, I'm going to measure them both one last time, and they are each going to make one last "All About Me" book. If Jesse lived at home, I would make him do it, too.

Next week, I'll take out our Big Box of Books and look through all their "All About Me" books.  I'll laugh. I'll take a few pictures and send to Laurel, no doubt.

I'll get really, really choked up, like I will do on and off again all year.

Because it's not just their senior year, it's MY senior year, too. 

I'm heading into my 19th and final year of homeschooling, and I'll be wrapping up and reflecting all year on my blog. I'll be preparing for the next stage in my life, as I've been working toward for the past couple of years.

It's scary and sad and exciting all at once. 

I'm taking extra time and pleasure this year in preparing Duncan's year. I'll post more about that next week as we begin, but we're heading into senior year with plenty of space for both fine-tuning academics and pursuing passions.

Come back often for one last year of homeschooling in our own Small World. What a year it's going to be!

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