Sunday, September 26, 2010

On the Menu

I absolutely must get back on a regular menu plan. We've been lax the past several weeks, and sometimes my family actually has to eat leftovers because I don't have anything to fix. I forced myself to make a quick menu plan today because the good Dr. H. has to go to the store to buy more bottles of Drano for the stopped up dishwasher and kitchen and bathroom sinks. Trust me, you don't want to see my kitchen. We also need paper plates, since the dishwasher is filled up with dirty dishes and water that hasn't drained. Yep.

But I'm sure the Drano will eventually do its toxic job, so I'm forging ahead with a menu. And here it is:

Chicken with 40 Garlic Cloves
Rainy Monday Beef Stew (this truly means that fall is here!)
Chicken and Rice Soup (Pioneer Woman and so easy)
General Tso's Chicken
Baked Salmon

Like everyone else, I'm so happy to be able to rotate back in cool weather foods, even if we haven't had any cool weather yet. I'm ready to start adding in some new recipes, especially soups, so I'll be checking out Menu Plan Monday each week and perusing Pioneer Woman, Tasty Tuesday and the Food Network for some new ones. What are your favorite recipe sites?


  1. Yes! I am so ready for fall food! Today it's rainy and a little cooler so I'm not even looking at the forecast because I don't want to know if it's going to get hot again.

    Hope the drano works quickly.

  2. i just Bookmarked every one of your recipes! they all look so good!

  3. I love your new look! The menu sounds yummy.

  4. The General Tso's looks interesting, I'll have to check that out! Great looking menu, thanks!

  5. I'm loving the Pioneer Woman - that recipe not only looks delicious, but reading it was very entertaining! LOL I'm going to go look at her other stuff! (And I'm making that soup as soon as my leftover stew is gone.)


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