Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This Place

When I am in the midst of a frenzied week or three, this is what I like to visualize. A waterfall, a river, a lake, a mountain. A campfire with us around it, roasting marshmallows. The smell of woodsmoke in my hair. Sunrise through the woods.

I have one more week to get through, and we'll be done with the absolute frantic preparation for our American Heritage Girls camp. And then one of these days, I'll be sitting around the campfire watching fireflies and listening to cicadas.

One of these days.


  1. Mountains and the lake--perfect! :) You captured such relaxing scenery!

  2. Your lake photo caught my eye at 5m4m WW - I grew up on a lake and now live at one. Nothing like it! Looks like you have a beautiful setting! I'm your newest follower - can't wait to read more! Have a great week!


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