Friday, July 20, 2012

Physical Education for homeschooled teens {on Simple Homeschool}

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P E, phys ed, gym: whatever you called it, all of us public schoolers did it. Some of us dreaded it; some of us considered it the best part of the day. If you had to wear one-piece gym suits that zipped up the front, well, I’m laughing (and blushing) right along with you.

So how do homeschoolers handle PE? I am surprised at the number of people who ask me “Does [swimming, hiking, gymnastics, dancing] count as PE?” Of course! If your child is getting exercise, he is engaged in PE.

{Come on over to Simple Homeschool today to get ideas and tips for PE in your homeschool!}

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  1. I'm giggling right now as I recall that awful red and white "zip up the front" gym suit we were forced to wear at good ole GHS!! Hope you post about your trip to Chicago soon:). Hugs, Robin


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