Thursday, September 27, 2012

Biking the Cades Cove Loop

Since we've done this two years running, I think we can officially call it an annual event.

Every Wednesday and Saturday mornings from May through September, the 11-mile loop is closed to car traffic until 10. We like to stay at the campground when we bike the loop so that we can get out nice and early. We booked our sites back in July. We managed to get 4 sites right next to each other so that some of our friends could come, too.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Last year we rode the loop in July. September was a much better choice!

We were all in better shape this year. The loop might seem relatively flat when you drive it, but there are some seriously steep hills. I think all but 3 of us ended up walking our bikes up a few of the hills. Annoyingly, there was a group of runners passing us on the loop. Seriously—what is up with those guys and their thin, ropy bodies, daring to just ease pass us bikers as if we had square wheels? Sheesh.

We had plenty of stops for water and snacks and taking in the gorgeous views. We finished just as the first cars were finishing the loop.

My days have been packed so full lately that I can scarcely remember where I'm going or what I'm supposed to do. This was exactly what I needed to clear my brain and restore some peace in my too busy days.

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