Thursday, May 31, 2007

And now we know the whole story...

May 31, 2007

At long last…we have finished all four volumes of The Story of the World. What a sense of accomplishment! What a fabulous way to end the school year! I have learned so much in these past two years during Sonlight’s Core 6 and 7 (World History). I minored in history in a college that required a rigorous two-year Humanities course for all its students, so I would have considered myself fairly well-versed in history. “Would have,” pre-homeschooling, that is. I have had innumerable “a-ha!” moments during these past two years. Times when I’ve looked at the kids and said, “I never knew that!” Homeschooling in our home is a certainly total family learning experience.

And so with much jubilation, we put the official “End-of-School” stamp on today, May 31. Tomorrow, June 1 starts our new school year, with Jesse as a full-time freshman (eighth grade this past year included two high school credit courses), Laurel in 5th grade, and Duncan in 1st grade. Swim team, camping, summer camps and long, lazy days make up their June and July; we’ll hit the books again in mid-August.

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