Monday, May 21, 2007

A Week of Blissful Oblivion

May 21, 2007

Dad2Three blogged recently about that delicious abdicating of responsibilities that comes with vacation. I know why Jimmy Buffet was lost in Margaritaville. Even without the margaritas, Florida is like some kind of giant alien that dissolves all one's normal brain function within minutes of crossing into the state. I mean no disrespect to those who call Florida home, but how can you ever have clear thoughts in a land of perpetual vacation? (I know, I know, it's not really vacationland if it's your home....but still!)

Everything about our vacation was perfect. (A weeks' worth of our trip's photos are posted here at my Project 365 Blog.) The theme parks were outstanding, even with their overabundance of shops selling unnecessary plastic objects and their outrageously priced bags of chips. Our condo was amazing--clean, spacious, and quiet. And of course the pool was warm and the weather gorgeous.

Our one day at the beach whetted our appetites for a trip to the Outerbanks, which is next on our list....when we get that vacation fund fattened again....

But now it's back to our regularly scheduled life, except I can't figure out yet what that is. We've gotten groceries and gone to the library. Our week's worth of mail has been delivered and most of it thrown away. I've chatted on the phone and caught up on some emails and blogs. I know I have a few papers yet to grade and some AHG prep to do, but somehow I can't quite give up all that good vacation relaxation just yet....

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