Saturday, March 27, 2010


Seventeen years ago I was still 4 hours away from delivering my firstborn child. Right about this time I was so hungry I could hardly stand it, and my mother-in-law brought Dr. H. and our friend Suzie lunch. Which they at in front of me, while I was laboring—and starving. Dumb ice chips.

Still, it was all worth it, for him.

Yep, I'd do it all over again. Today, he's 17. I love him because he's my son. I like him because he's smart, funny, and kind. And he has great taste in literature and music, which are very high on my list.

Next year, he'll be away at college on his birthday. He got a birthday postcard from the college where he'll be attending that read, "Happy Birthday! Hope you spend the next 4 birthdays with us." How cruel was that?

But today, it's cinnamon rolls for breakfast and sushi for dinner, after he gets home from work. And a really nice surprise, coming up later. He's a lucky kid. And I'm so blessed that he's mine.


  1. Well, at least they were only eating in front of you. You see, my dad has a glass eye. My precious hubby asked about it while I was having contractions and eating those wonderful ice chips. So, my dad takes out his glass eye and hands it to my husband. There we are, me in labor, my husband holding my dad's eye, and the invasion of Iraq on tv. I had to say, "Hey! Remember me over here!"

  2. My family was kind enough to eat elsewhere, but I SWEAR I could smell their Krispie Kreme breathe when they came back...

    You're right, though, it is all worth it. Happy birthday #1!

  3. Daddy's looks like he is way to young to have a baby. (Or am I just getting too old and young is just young) Those were the days! Your family is just gorgeous! Thanks for all the wonderful blogs!


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