Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Miscellany

* I'd like to think of something profound to blog about, but truthfully my brain feels so cluttered that I can't even think of a Facebook status. I don't want my brain to be cluttered. We're actually taking spring break this week, so my brain should be resting. But it's not.

* Why do the days always go so fast during a day off? I don't get that.

* Target has really cute sundresses. I went there today to help my daughter get a birthday gift for a party this weekend. But I didn't buy a cute sundress. I bought a shirt that looks horrid on me, and now I have to take it back. That makes my brain cluttered. I tremendously dislike returning merchandise.

* Tomorrow afternoon we leave for our anniversary getaway weekend in the mountains. That's another reason my brain is cluttered. I have to think about where the kids are all going, packing, getting lesson plans done so that I don't have to do them when I get back, etc. But as soon as we leave tomorrow, my brain will be instantly uncluttered.

* Decluttering is what the mountains do best. Breathing deeply of all that green—one can't help but be relaxed and renewed.

* Perhaps I'll even be profound when I return.

May you have an uncluttered weekend!


  1. Have a wonderful, blessed, relaxing weekend with your hubby. May your thoughts be uncluttered and full of love. Enjoy.

  2. Have a fabulous anniversary getaway! :)


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