Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Memory: Easter Dresses

I wish I'd done what my sister-in-law did. She saved every one of her daughter's Easter dresses, and this past year, she made a quilt using material from all those dresses. It always seemed silly to me to save dresses when I could pass them on to friends, but now I'm regretting that I don't have a stack of sweet dresses and pretty white shoes. I loved the one she wore in the photo above, when she was about four.

At 12, my girl still loves picking out her Easter dress each year, except she's not so little anymore. Somehow she went from a little girl's size 10-12 last Easter to shopping in the Juniors department this year. Her dress is a size 3. Her shoes are a size 8, bigger than mine, and they're not cute little Mary Janes. No folded-over lacy socks or white hat for my girl either.

I'm glad she's growing up; I really am. But I wish I had a few more years for those sweet little dresses—and I wish I'd saved every one of them. What a sweet quilt that would have been.

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  1. She looks so cute. We kept some of our girls baby clothes to be made into a quilt. I started it when my oldest was three and have probable 14 squares put together. I imagine it will be finished when that daughter has a daughter some day.


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