Friday, March 18, 2011

Reclaiming Family Time (Simple Homeschool)


If you’re reading here [at Simple Homeschool], you probably homeschool or are considering homeschooling. So of course, you’re someone who always puts family first. Right? I mean, don’t we, as homeschoolers, just naturally put our family life before everything else?

Gulp. Raise your hand if you’ve ever wondered what happened to those quiet family evenings spent together, if your car is full of wrappers from fast-food restaurants, or if you look at your calendar and try not to hyperventilate.

The truth is, homeschoolers can be just as overextended as everyone else, and like everyone else, we can fall into the trap of replacing family time with other activities.

I am not here to chastise you for the time your family spends at outside activities. Some families function best on an activity-packed schedule. Some couples enjoy connecting while they watch their kids practice soccer in the evenings. But some of us feel overwhelmed when we look at our calendar and think, “I just have to get through two weeks, and then we’ll have a free day.” …

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  1. Motherhood alone can be overwhelming, I think we all need to reclaim that family time!

  2. Called school off today just so we could hike, picnic, and spend time with my Dad. We actually have a whole weekend with nothing planned.

  3. THANK YOU for such a well written, well thought out, inspirational post...makes me want summer break to get her soon... :0)

  4. A big "yes" to reclaiming family time. By the way, love that awesome photo in this post. ;-)


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