Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

I was shocked this week, when figuring out how we were doing on number of math lessons left vs. number of school days left, to see that we only have about 12 weeks left of school! We have a few vacation days and a week-long trip scheduled in there, but my goal is to be done the last week in May. (And in case you are wondering: we have more math lessons than school days. As usual.)

Highlights this week:
• On Monday Laurel did a presentation on Joni Eareckson Tada for our literature circle, and Duncan did a book report on The Voyage of the Dawn Treader for his boys' book club. I didn't get to see Duncan's, but Laurel did a great job. She put a lot of research into the project and made a gorgeous display board.

• Tuesday night was the annual Pinewood Derby, in which Duncan took 5th place.

• Duncan had his first speech therapy session on Thursday. We had his tongue clipped back in November, after finally realizing that he wasn't going to grow out of his "R" sound difficulties like his brother did. Clipping is a good start, but he'll need speech therapy for awhile to retrain his tongue. We both loved his therapist.

• Jesse decided to cut his one Friday class that wasn't canceled already, so he came home for spring break a day earlier than we expected. Such excitement! This was the longest we had gone without seeing him since he's been at college—9 whole weeks. I love having all my kids sleeping under one roof.

• On Friday we finished our second to last book in the Chronicles of Narnia, The Horse and His Boy. Yes, I know, we are reading them "out of order." I've read them enough times that I can pick whatever order I want. The kids both loved this one. I can't believe we only have one book left to go.

• We went to Winter Jam 2011 on Friday night. I helped chaperone our support group's teens, but Duncan got to go with a friend and his dad, who runs Feed Your Faith. Mike has good connections and got VIP passes and front row seats to this huge event.

That's Duncan and Caleb meeting Michael Tait of the Newsboys. The rest of us, by the way, were about 20 rows from the very top of the stadium looking down on 16,000 people. But I am SO happy that Duncan had this opportunity!

This weekend I'm looking forward to a little relaxing, spending time with my family, before gearing up for an extra busy week coming up. After Monday we'll be halfway through co-op classes, which seems unbelievable. This year is going incredibly fast.

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  1. Sounds like a fun week! I'm looking forward to beginning the Chronicles of Narnia with my kiddos before too long.

  2. Sounds like an awesome week. My oldest son read the Chronicles of Narnia to all the younger kids last year---I think that's a set of books one never outgrows. thanks for sharing your week.

  3. Good week! Isn't that always the way with Math. I was counting our up this morning. I think we will make it. : ) John read Narnia last year (7th grade), he loved the series! I love all your pictures of your Scouts. I have a Scout too.


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