Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Tree Day

Sixty-six degrees at 4:30 p.m.: if you can't have a good deep snow, then it's a perfect day for Christmas-tree hunting.

And the hunt is on. So many choices!

How about this one?

This one?

I don't really care. I have him.

And them.

At last! We found the perfect tree! Not too short, not too fat, not too skinny, not too tall.

Now to get it chopped down and home before the rain sets in.

A flurry of ornaments: remember this? remember this? Who made this one?

I can't help but get just a little teary-eyed at the sweet, homemade ornaments and photos of little faces.

It's done, and beautiful as ever. Our home is magically transformed.

This is my life. It is a very, very good one.


  1. What a sweet post. I like the pic of your younger son (the one that you took without the flash...it looks all glowy).

  2. Aw how sweet and what a pretty sight. There truly is no place like home with our loved ones this season!

  3. Great job..! That Christmas tree is incredible. I am excited to see your entire Christmas decorations.

  4. Love this post - love the Christmas tree. It does seem to be the time of year when one begins to really reflect on all the wonderful things in their life.

  5. this is a GREAT post! it is a great glimpse into your family life. i love it! it is such a gift to not only have a great family, but to appreciate it while it is happening. i know so many people with so many regrets, and i am feel blessed, as you do, to have such a great family life, and to realize and enjoy it RIGHT now.

    it seems so strange to search for a Christmas tree in 66 degree temps!

  6. i love that you guys are dressed in sweatshirts! we have to have all of the snow gear on to get a tree:). unfortunately, we didn't get to go cut a tree down this year (no time and frugalness:)). SO, we picked one up at a local place. it was just not the same! we'll be having a special christmas tree fund for next year.


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