Friday, December 5, 2008

Decorating Woes

I'm feeling behind. No, not because we've hardly done any "school" for the past two weeks. I am pretty good with substituting Christmas plays, Scouting events, family time, baking, games, and a special "Journey to Japan" 5-day class for regular bookwork.

I'm feeling behind because it seems that just about every blog I read tells of, usually in pictures, the Christmas decorating that is going on in your homes. I am not worthy.

Yesterday we put up our Dickens village. Today I bought a poinsettia.

And now I've changed my blog for Christmas. See my best Christmas present ever beneath the tree? That's my Duncan, born on Christmas Day in 2000.

I'm heading out in a few minutes for a weekend full of The Christmas Carol musical, in which Laurel is a dancer in the Fezziwig's ball scene. Next week, the decorations come out for real.


  1. I like the Christmas theme. It's very red and green :-)

    don't worry darlin - we'll get a tree and start doing some serious decorating as soon as the chaos of this weekend is over!

  2. Looks like I need to beg my friend Sarah to help me with a cheery new header for my blog! Can't wait for you to see my house decorated!

  3. Dont worry. Its only the first week ofDecember. Relax a little. Youve got time. Be sure to show us the pics of your decorating.

  4. you *sound* guilty. don't worry, that's pretty much how i feel when I hear about how everybody else is homeschooling. I'd rather have your Christmas guilt than my underschooling guilt.


  5. We have nary a Christmas decoration in site - if that helps at all. ;-) We will - but not until this coming week or weekend - at least sometime before Christmas I'm sure. Something...

  6. We were away over Thanksgiving, which messed up my decorating schedule completely. As a result, I have gotten out a bunch of stuff and about half of it is up... but the worst part is, there was a mess already going on at my house before I pulled out Christmas decor. Now I've got one mess on top of another mess. It's very messy. And embarrassing. I'm trying to address it today. Maybe I'll blog about it later :)

  7. Not to worry - I probably won't start putting up the tree until at least the 12th - waiting on a doggy gate to close off the 80" opening between our kitchen/dining area and the living room. We have a Chorkie (chihuahua yorkie mix) gal named Evelyn May that we should have named YAHOO!!!!! Because I've never seen a dog with more gusto in my life ...

    Of course, since the tree is going up so late, I have every intention of leaving it up until at least January 15th. :)

  8. I don't even have a Christmas tree, we had to throw our last one away when we moved to Kansas. It got musty in the move.

    There are no pictures on my walls, and I haven't finished painting our first house, so I am not even thinking about decorating for Christmas!!

    So, don't get too caught up on "decor" and enjoy the small moments with your family! You can plan big for next year!

  9. I'd love to hear more about your 5 day journey to Japan project!


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