Sunday, June 7, 2009

Family Friday

Although three of us siblings live within 45 minutes of each other, we rarely see each other during the "off season"—that is, the half of the year when my parents are in New York at their other home. But this past Friday evening, my middle brother invited everyone over to his house for an impromptu party. The occasion: his daughter was unexpectedly in town with her 14-month old son, whom most of us had not yet met.

Amazingly, the vast majority of the family came. It was a perfect ending to a hectic week: homemade ice-cream, babies, and a rousing game of Mao.

Those are my middle two brothers, John and Peter, with their grandbabies, Abigail and Justus. It's weird that my brothers are Grandpas. But they are SO way older than I am.

Cousins Abigail and Justus, who are just a couple of weeks apart, met for the first time. They were really too precious for words.

That's my Laurel with Abigail. My poor little girl was surrounded by brothers and boy cousins, as all the girl cousins were teenagers when she was born. She is enjoying having her own baby girl cousin now.

Duncan is always excited when he gets to see his cousin Xavier. They are peas in a pod, and my niece April and I always vow to get them together more. But like most of those plans, they never seem to come to fruition.

We've made plans to get together again for the 4th of July, which is always a frighteningly fun night with my brothers. They are not to be trusted with fireworks.


  1. Oh, to have siblings that like each other...

  2. I love homemade ice cream... will have to dig out the ice cream maker soon!

    At first when I started reading the post, I'm thinking - there's no way her siblings could have grandbabies already! I know you're not old enough for that.... Great that you all get along too.

  3. What a wonderful family time! I wish my girls had cousins, but no such luck.:(

    You can catch up on Harper's Island on Hulu. My sister does this when she misses a show.:) Lori

    Don't want you to miss an episode!

    Stop by, I'm having a giveaway!!!


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