Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Lists are such good things to do when one's brain is drained from 2 intense weeks of camp planning, preparation, and implementation! This week I'm joining Thursday {Thirteen} at Happy to Be at Home.

In 10 days, all my kids will be at camp. My oldest will be at Philmont Boy Scout camp for 16 days, and my younger ones will be at day camp—all day camp. While I have been away from my kids for a day or two every now and then, I have not had the house all to myself for more than a couple of hours in about 16 years. I have a big list of things I'd like to do in the house while they are gone. I'll be happy to get the first one done.

1. Refinish the dining room floors.
2. Paint the dining room.
3. Paint Duncan's room.
4. Work in the flowerbeds.
5. Go to Hobby Lobby and mindlessly wander throughout every aisle of the store.
6. Meet a friend for lunch.
7. Blog every day.
8. Record what we've done this year in school and see what I need to purchase for next year.
9. Begin lesson plans for the classes I'll teach at co-op next year.
10. Clean our bedroom.
11. Go to McKay's Used Books all by myself.
12. Wander around Target aimlessly.
13. Do an enormous grocery-shopping trip.

What would you do if you had the house to yourself?


  1. seriously?

    I would likely follow you around like a pathetic puppy dog, begging to not be shoo'd outside! that is my kind of "all along time"

    you should write a book: your best life now

  2. all alone time. not all along time. I am not a stalker. (but that may have been a freudian slip)

  3. Ahhh...some time all alone. I would:

    Do lots of blogging

    Start planning for the next school year

    Play Rock Band all alone

    Read a book or two or three

    For starters. ;-)

  4. Quote a list! I would:

    Read a lot, sew, do some homeschool planning, go for long walks with the dog, and then read some more.

    I would not be refinishing floors! Wow. I don't even paint unsupervised.

    Hope you get it all done!

  5. I meant quite a list, of course.

  6. you are ambitious! I would toss and declutter my entire house. Laze around and read. Yardsale and head to thrift stores.

  7. Oh, I miss Hobby Lobby. I haven't seen one of those since we lived in Texas. We don't have a Target here either :(

    I would love to wander around a book store or maybe one of the small gift shops in town that I never dare enter with the kiddos.

    I would also do some cleaning around the house. I'm always cleaning, but it's never all clean at the same time, because they are making a mess in the next room :)

    I might even take a long nap :)

  8. The spa! The spa! The spa! Oh yeah and clean out the garage. That will take all week.

  9. I think mine would be to sit with a book, uninterrupted, from start to finish, enjoy

  10. Among other things, I'd like to go to McKay's and to Hobby Lobby by myself, too. :)

  11. Sleep. Read. Get some work done NOT late at night, maybe actually finish a whole project in one day. I'd really love to go to the mountains all by myself and walk (perhaps get farther than 50 feet from the trailhead) and look around (instead of down and all around, counting heads) and listen to some quiet and sit and do nothing (with no one sitting on me). Then maybe I would go home and sleep some more.


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