Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flag Day Parade

Don't they all look so happy? This is as we were heading out of the nice, air-conditioned cars to meet up downtown with our Cub Scout pack and American Heritage Girls troop for our city's first Flag Day parade. (Or at least the first in the past few decades.)

Thirty minutes later they weren't looking quite so happy. Vests came off and shirts came untucked. Sweat was pouring and tongues were hanging out of their mouths as they cried "WATER! WATER!" We finally started marching after they'd been waiting nearly an hour-and-a-half. It was really, really hot, as days tend to be in the South in mid-June.

Next year, I will remember these two things: 1) there is no need to line up an hour before the parade begins; and 2) bring water. That would have been a really good idea.

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  1. Parades in the summer aren't the greatest idea. Of course, neither are parades in the winter. Maybe all parades should be only in spring and fall.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Don't worry, we plenty of unfinished projects at our house.


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