Saturday, June 27, 2009

Setting the Table for 5

My guys are back after 16 long days away. They spent four days driving and 12 days on the trails at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch in New Mexico, hiking around 75 miles. Their adventures also included rock climbing and rappelling, horseback riding, shooting, blacksmithing, spar-pole climbing (like a lumberjack), and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember.

There is something profound about that moment when you see your child for the first time in two weeks. He seemed to have grown a couple of inches, and he was standing so straight. His face is tan and his curly hair even curlier. I had a terrible, beautiful glimpse of what it will be like in a year and a half, when he comes home from college for Thanksgiving break for the first time. Terrible only because there will have been weeks at a time that I wouldn't have seen this son of mine; beautiful because taking flight just is.

I took a certain delight in setting the table for five last night. The three of us back home rarely ate a meal at our table. With the dining room project going on the whole time and a week of VBS that included dinner each night, meals were haphazard and odd.

Dr. H. and Jesse expressed proper amazement at our newly remodeled dining room, and then we sat down to eat, all together again.

Life is good.


  1. Where did you get your table? Did someone make it? I showed it to my husband because that is like the kind of table I've been wanting. I call it a farmhouse table. Your dining room looks awesome. Glad your guys made it back safe. Have a great Fourth.

  2. that's a long time to be missing a lot of your family. i hate it when it's only one night!

  3. Life is good, and I am so glad your men are back home...I love how your table is reflected in your shiny "new" floors! You did a grat job!

  4. Happy they had a good time and you get to be all together again.

  5. Sometimes they best part of vacation is coming back home!

  6. What a long time to be seperated! When dh took my boy camping for just 3 days last year, I could swear my son had gotten taller, tanner, and more grown-up just in that short time.

    Btw, your dining room looks fantastic!

  7. It looks great, Sarah.

    PS. Thanks for the recipe-I always crave pasta salad in the summer, so I'm going to try it. I have never made any before.



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