Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October Morning

I caught a small slice of perfection this morning as I took the dog out. The wind is strong here and gusty, which is unusual, and quite warm for an October morning. The mountains were clear and the leaves seemed to have peaked overnight, in spite of the warmth. Red so bright I couldn't look away. The moon, just past full, was above our house, and the sun just coming up over the mountains.

I sat outside on a bench with my coffee and watched the leaves, and breathed.

Yesterday was cluttered with contention and bickering. Seems like everywhere I turned, someone was being mean or melting down or abdicating responsibility. So many undercurrents of discord and deceit. We exhaust ourselves with temporal things.

Still, there were glimpses of good things yesterday. Laughter with friends. Friends, period. My mother in her light blue gardening hat. My brave daughter. A compliment about my son. Twenty minutes before bed to talk with my husband, to rehash the day. It wasn't a bad day, but I was happy to sleep, knowing that with sleep comes the gift of a new day.

Today: bathed already in warmth and an unearthly glow, a glimpse, an opening of sky, wind in the trees, flurry of leaves. Rejoicing does, indeed, come in the morning.

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  1. I have also been enjoying God's "eye candy" this Fall- He is so good to remind us, through his creation, what life is really all about...

  2. I wonder if we were outside at the same time this morning with our dogs, looking at the moon, wondering at the warm air. Hope the rest of your day is as beautiful and refreshing as your morning.

  3. Our "peak" was last weekend. The leaves are falling today with the strong winds we are having. I enjoyed seeing the morning through your eyes.

  4. and a Buffalo Springfield reunion over the weekend!

    john cummins

  5. Makes me more determined to get up much earlier than my children tomorrow.... fall is so gorgeous here this year too (Michigan)! I need to enjoy it with my cup of coffee in hand....

  6. What beautiful, delightful sentiments. Don't you just love fall?! It's my favorite!


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