Friday, February 11, 2011

Burying the Big Yellow Bus (Simple Homeschool)

school bus

I have never, in a fit of the frustration that is unique to homeschooling moms, threatened to flag down the proverbial Big Yellow Bus.

But here is the flat-out honest truth: I have wondered every now and then if I should.

My oldest son attended public school for kindergarten and first grades. As far as I know, he never desired for one second to go back. But there were times when he was in high school that I would think,

“Is this all going to work out right? What if we’ve messed up his whole life by homeschooling him?” …

{I'm on Simple Homeschool today. Please head on over there to read the rest of this post!}


  1. What a beautifully written article, Sarah! I needed to read that today...

  2. That was great! I think probably all homeschool mom's wonder from time to time if their kids are missing out on something; and then we remember how much they AREN'T missing out on BECAUSE OF homeschooling. I LOVE HOMWSCHOOLING MY KIDS! :D

  3. I loved your post at Simple Homeschool. Thank you!!

  4. I just read this post over at Simple Homeschool and just had to pop over here to tell you how much I loved it! Thank you!!

  5. Wonderful post! I really needed to read that. It's nice to hear how well-adjusted your son is in college. It gives me hope! :)

  6. This brought tears to my eyes and provided some much needed encouragement! How blessed I am to have friends that send me links to amazing blog posts. Thankful to have found you!!


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