Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Signs of Spring

It's happening! I was so surprised to walk outside yesterday and see our winter aconites in their full glory. The daffodils look close to popping, too. With the temperatures in the 60s for the next several days, I'm sure they'll be opening up soon.

I love living in the south. This is my birthday week, and when I was growing up in upstate New York, we always had this week off from school for our "mid-winter break." We still had weeks and weeks of snow and cold to get through.

Now I get the first signs of spring for my mid-winter birthday: tiny flowers and the kids jumping for joy in the sun.


  1. Wishing you a wonderful birthday week! While I struggle with the sometimes oppressive heat of Southeast Texas, the bitter cold we've experienced the last couple of weeks (lows in the 20s!) has been a rather shocking experience. This week's temp range: lows in the 50s, highs in the 70s. That's more like it.

    Enjoy the beautiful spring and make some beautiful birthday memories with your loved ones! :)

  2. Adored the photo of kids jumping for joy because it is your birthday week. What a fun post! See you next week.
    Joyce M

  3. I've lived all my life in the South and I always start getting Spring fever when the warm days start popping up this time of year because I know it can't be too far off!
    Happy Birthday! :)

  4. Loved the photos and the signs of spring.

  5. Really enjoy the signs of Spring, but especially enjoy the one of the children. Great shadows!

  6. It is wonderful living in the South and getting all the wonderful spring weather. Just wanted to let you know that we tried your baked ziti recipe and it was a hit.

  7. Happy Birthday Sarah!! We still have a ways to go before spring hits Nova Scotia, but I today is sunny and beautiful and I just LOVE the promise of spring!


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