Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Miscellany

* Happy New Month! The days are flying by for no particular reason. I could use a catch-up day, a teacher in-service day. What a great thing it would be if a bunch of teenage homeschooled girls would offer a "teacher in-service day" babysitting service each month! I am going to have to put some thought into that. How much money would make this enticing to a bunch of girls? Would they need adult guidance (or more importantly, would they need my guidance)?

* I have to admit that as much as I was tired of the snow two weeks ago, now I am jealous because the entire midwest and north seems to be getting piles and piles of exciting weather. We have gray drizzle. I'm so fickle.

* The daffodil shoots are 3-4 inches tall. I'm afraid for the silly little things.

* Do you do Swagbucks? I finally gave in when I saw so many of my Facebook friends earning amazon.com cards. I've been doing it for a month and have earned $15 in gift cards, so why not? If you aren't participating and are interested, click on the link somewhere on my sidebar. It'll take you there and give me referral points so that I can get more amazon.com cards. The biggest problem with Swagbucks is that I've become somewhat addicted to a game called "Drop 3." Don't judge. I've gotten myself down to where I'm only playing it twice a day, and I know it's a colossal waste of time, but at least I'm admitting it.

* Tonight we have the annual Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet. I'm glad my friend Donna is doing all the decorating so that I can sit around and play Drop 3 until 15 minutes before it starts.

* Back to the teacher in-service offer. How much would you pay per child for four hours without kids in the middle of the day?


  1. Ah, I think an inservice day sounds wonderful! If you had a group, I think everyone could pay $10 per child?

    I use Swag Bucks too. I usually only use the search engine, but I still have gotten a few gift cards. :-)

  2. How much would your 13-year-old daughter charge to entertain your 8-year-old son for 4 hours and leave you alone? (I think I have the ages right, or close...)

  3. Seriously, such an offer is priceless. I guess it depends on how long, but yeah- $10-ish sounds about right I'd guess.


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