Friday, July 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes

For the first time in our 22 years of marriage, Dr. H. is actually taking some days off during the summer. Regularly. He teaches on Monday and Wednesdays, but he has actually stayed at home to work and/or play at least one day each week since May. I could really, really get used to this. I like having him around.

My Dad and I finally made it to the tennis courts! We've only been talking about it for 10 years (literally). Today we took the plunge, found our rackets, and headed down the street to the nearest courts. Duncan came with us. I think we might have found his sport! He did really, really well for the first time.

I had tennis lessons regularly throughout my childhood, but I have probably played only a dozen times in 20 years. Why is that? And why didn't I play on the tennis team in high school? Some things are mysteries.

One of our best friends from college visited this week. It was lovely to see him, to look through old photo albums and laugh at ourselves. We made this Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken with Grilled Vegetable Succotash, and it was so fabulous.

I am having one of those weeks in which I can't get anything done. Some weeks are like that. I need to have an extraordinarily productive upcoming week.

My Dad and I are flying out to Washington sometime in the next few weeks. My aunt, my Dad's only sibling, is very ill. It is all very surreal and desperately sad, for so many reasons. Mostly, for me, because I always thought I would have time to get to know my aunt better—to spend some long week with her, to bask in her. To sit and talk like aunts and nieces should do. Distance, circumstances: I have seen her only a few times in my adult life. And I have always missed her.

My parents came for dinner tonight. My father told wonderful stories of when he was a biology teacher. My mother was having a good day. Lately she has seemed muddled and repetitive, but I think the slightly cooler weather gave her some clarity. Oh, how do we do this? How do we watch our parents age and not weep, not feel something slipping? The days have to go forward, and there is still time for tennis with my father and a cup of coffee with my mother. There are still many, many good days ahead.

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  1. I pray your trip will permit a sweet, memorable visit with your aunt ... I know what it means to miss someone because you never knew them in the way you had hoped you could ...

  2. Yes, I have always pined for Aunt Ann and Cousin Scott as well. I really, really have been glad to get to know Cousin Millard some later in life.

  3. Thoughts on Take #3: Of course I had to pull out our Sr. yearbook to see who WAS on the tennis team! There's an awesome shot of Lisa on page 75 - just look at that form! My parents paid for me to take lessons at Brook St. playground every summer and I can't recall ever playing tennis in the last 20 yrs and it was a sport I actually enjoyed! An even bigger mystery to me is how either of us were ever cheerleaders!! LOL!
    Take #3: Just Breathe!
    Take #7: Wish I could tell you it gets easier. It doesn't. I have learned to relish the smallest of moments with my mom.


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